Refocus Photography is a professional organization developed through several hundred thousand shutter clicks, processing terabytes of digital images and decades observing, composing and capturing people, places, wildlife and events on four continents.

Our memories are more than stories we tell; they are events that shape the generations of who we are. Refocus has been several generations in the making, the generations of my family. I come from a long line of amateur photographers who believed in capturing memories to ensure their investment in life would be remembered in more than oral form.

We believe great photographs capture more than a single image. Great photographers capture the emotion and character of a moment and store it for generations to come. Our experience gives us the confidence to focus on more than a single moment so we can focus on how you want that moment remembered. Put our experience to work for you, telling your story in an artistic, beautiful, fun and genuine way for the generations that follow you.  

Finally, 25% of Refocus Photography profits and effort go to support charitable programs dedicated to American Servicemen and Servicewomen and partnering with rural villages in Kenya to educate children. If you would like more information on the organizations we support, please email me at