I'm a photographer and videographer. I have lots of cameras like all professional photographers and know how to use them. I've been a professional photographer since 2012 (meaning I make a living taking pictures), but have been a photography nutcase since I was a teenager (when I didn't make any money taking pictures). 

I love telling stories with cameras and am a pretty good listener. So when you talk I am actually listening and not thinking about how you should leave so I can take pictures. I really want your home, listing, job site, venue, face, pet, or event photos, scans and videos to be amazing...to you. So, I listen and then go to work, because knowing me, I am probably going to like you and want you to be amazed with our work.

I really love what I do and it shines through in our relationships and work. I hope we get to meet and collaborate on something profitable, professional or just plain old fun.