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Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Raising

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Hurricane Harvey: How Will You Help Rebuild?

100% of all profits from the sale of images at to be donated toward residential relief from damages caused by hurricane Harvey.

One of the worst natural disaster in U.S history is running up the gulf coast tearing through the lives of millions of people. We have all seen the television footage of the thousands of people who are residing in temporary shelters across southern Texas. Harvey’s human toll is tremendous; homes, jobs, material possessions, transportation, clothing, and the restoration of food supply chains, general stores, financial systems, insurance claims, banks, and local businesses – notwithstanding risks caused by the hoard of con-artists that manipulate the desperation of disaster victims and generosity of Americans.

Commit Local-

I love that the Houston Texans cancelled their pre-season game against the Dallas Cowboys this week so the Team could participate in relief efforts in Houston and continue the fund-raising of JJ Watts a Texans football player. Watts’ goal is to raise ten million dollars to assist Houstonians in rebuilding their lives. The generosity of America is amazing! Though most people cannot commit ten million dollars, and in the midst of a probable 100 billion dollar Harvey relief and rebuild effort your investment can make a difference when kept local, providing healthy food, clean water, funds for clothing, school supplies, replacement of household items, funds for local transportation and much needed post-disaster counseling resources.

Americans learned a great deal about the distribution and disappearance of donated funds after hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti. Study after study has proven immense relief funds never made it to the people rebuilding their lives. Private and public institutions have concluded the most effective management of resources for rebuilding after a natural disaster is found locally in accountable businesses already serving the community.  While a great deal of the rebuilding from damages caused by Hurricane Harvey will be covered by insurance, that process takes time and has limitations. Immediate needs; food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, hygiene supplies, healthcare and medications, trash disposal, mold abatement, etc. are best met by the people who are locally known to the community and neighborhoods.

Refocus is committing funds to local relationships with reputable organizations who have been serving the needs of Houstonians and surrounding communities long before Hurricane Harvey ripped through the lives of Southern Texans.

Through October 31, 2017 Refocus Photography is donating 100% of profits generated through the purchase of online images to the following organizations who are committing 100% of every dollar given to the people who are rebuilding their lives:

Organizations to fund:

Life Church in Angleton, TX

Foursquare Disaster Relief

Dennis Shillingburg - Owner Refocus Photography



Some data to support enclosed conclusions regarding giving toward relief efforts.

Immense Cost of natural disasters

Over half of all resources pay for emergency systems and not rebuilding.

1 Billion dollars of fraudulent waste after Katrina:

700 million in Katrina Funds missing:

Where did the relief money go after Haiti Earthquake?


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