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Anna and the Art of Discipleship

June 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

When Jesus calls us to Go and make disciples of all nations, He calls us to more than the didactical retelling of his words. The call to go and make disciples – baptizing and teaching is our fundamental and personal mission on this earth as followers of Christ. These last words of Jesus on earth are a clarion call for all those who would hear and respond – to salvation, not just those unique few who are called to vocational ministry. 

When Jesus called Peter, James and John to follow Him, He was revealing the Art of Discipleship; to follow. Follow what? To follow Jesus’ example of love, communication, compassion, joy, patience, endurance and adventure.  When we follow Jesus, responding to his call, this is the beginning of discipleship. 

Anna walking in BarakaAnna walking in Baraka

I recently took this picture in Kenya as I was struck by the simplicity of this example of discipleship. The lady in the picture is a new friend named Anna, who is an adventurer for the Kingdom of God. Walking through the central Kenyan village of Baraka, Anna encountered these two Kenyan girls and very much like Peter, James and John with Jesus – they began to follow her. Throughout the several hour walk through Baraka these two girls watched Anna stop and greet people along the road, pray for the sick and suffering she encountered, encourage passersby, consult with other team members on directions, and share the Good News with people who were curious. This is the Art of Discipleship, following someone who is following Jesus example of leading. I am confident that Anna was not thinking about discipleship when these two girls grabbed her hands and bookended her travel that day, but discipling is what Anna was doing. Anna was revealing the love, communication, compassion, joy, patience, endurance and adventure of Jesus on that three hour walk through Baraka. Those two Kenya girls will not soon forget the day they walked and watched a young woman from America live the call of Christ – to Go and Make Disciples. 

Are you ready to be a disciple making adventurer of the Kingdom of God?  

~Dennis Shillingburg

Mark 1:17; Matt. 28:18-20 


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