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Reflection off of the Capital Reflecting pool at midnight.Black and White Capital Reflection Washington DCThe Hill...A city on a hill cannot be hidden...Capital through the trees in SpringCapital and the Christmas Tree. Not lit because it was the day of president Bush's MemorialCapital Through the trees in spring.Capital in winter black and white exposureCapital Through the TreesWashington monument at 24 mm as close as I could capture at night.Washington Memorial Reflection off of the skyWashington Monument on the reflecting pool at 2am.Lincoln Memorial at 2am. The last person finally left the memorial.Lincoln Memorial at 2am. The last person finally left the memorial.John Adams, in a toast written for his sons inauguration said simply "Independent Forever".The Mall Reflecting pool and Lincoln Memorial.Sunset at the Lincoln Memorial.General Grant Memorial at sunsetGeneral Grant Memorial At SunsetGeneral Grant and the Washington MonumentArlington National Cementary