Portrait and Event Photography

I really like people and the planet...so I take amazing pictures of people on the planet wherever they live. I also like to have fun shooting portraits and video of people. So, if you are boring calls us and I will help you look less boring. Kidding aside, I am comfortable shooting wherever...Iv'e done portraits on four continents with people who speak languages I don't, and we got it done and had fun doing it. 

Within 72 hours I will send you a link and password to a gallery hosted on this website. Your gallery will be password protected. You can preview and order prints from contract vendors that are reasonable and amazing right through our site. The process is pretty simple. I will host your images for 1 year and then archive them because of the outside chance you forgot where you stored them or your computer eats them. 

I charge by the hour for portraits and events. Check out our pricing and feel free to use the book me now link to schedule your portraits or event.